Seed Coating

About Premium Seed Coaters

Significant demand for coated seed led to a joint venture between Australian Premium Seeds Pty Ltd and dutch company INCOTEC® to establish Premium Seed Coaters Pty Ltd ( PSC ) in 2005. PSC specialises in coating tropical and sub tropical pasture species, forage crops and reclamation species, whilst also performing prescription seed coating and seed treatment applications for third party PBR varieties.

The PSC PremiumCOTE™ seed coating process adds weight to the often “light and fluffy” bare seed, allowing for more even and desirable seed distribution in the field, which optimizes crop productivity and profitability.


Utilising state of the art technology, the coating process also has the capacity to accurately and professionally apply fertiliser, insecticides and fungicides to the seed, further enhancing germination, plant vigor and establishment, offering developing plants protection against undesirable pests and diseases.

With respect to legumes, rhizobia may also be added to the seed coating process, enabling legumes to nodulate and maximize nitrogen fixation into the soil, optimizing the benefits ascertainable from the overall pasture system.

Planting coated seed is an invaluable tool in maximizing production of tropical and temperate grasses and legumes, forage crops, amenity grasses and turf. Open traded species coated by PSC are marketed domestically and internationally through Australian Premium Seeds Pty Ltd and Blue Ribbon Seed & Pulse Exporters.

Product Information

  • Performance enhanced seed
  • Uniform seed size enables even distribution of plant populations
  • consistent coasting thickness allows for synchronised germination
  • Increased ability of PremiumCOTE™ to breakdown in water
  • Provides consistent pasture production phases, promoting ease of management
  • Improved plant emergence helps to maximise pasture production & profitability
  • Superior seed coat quality reduces dust problems for end users
  • Maintains seed germination %

Technical Information

Premium Seed Coaters ( PSC ) Pty Ltd have developed a world leading performance enhanced seed coating process trade marked as PremiumCOTE™.

Utilising state of the art equipment and innovative seed coating technology, PSC PremiumCOTE™ coated seed is market leading in both coating quality and performance in the field.

PSC has the ability to perform prescription coating, tailoring production to meet specific customer requirements with respect to seed weight increase, in addition to customised Insecticide, Fungicide, Fertiliser and Rhizobia applications, as desired.

Benefits of PremiumCOTE™ coated seed:

  • More uniform plant stands and synchronised germination resulting in improved establishment, seedling vigour and overall productivity.
  • Ease of handling and the consequent ability to plant seed at accurate rates provides customers with the results they desire, in addition to saving money through the prevention of variable or excessive bare seed planting rates.
  • Establishment further enhanced through the addition of insecticides and fungicides to target undesirable pests and diseases.
  • Pre-applied Fertiliser, improving plant germination and establishment through the development of a more desirable root system, in addition to supplementing the plants natural defences against pests and disease.
  • Pre-applied Inoculant, using state of the art equipment to ensure uniform Rhizobia application.
  • Superior seed coat quality reduces dust problems for end users.


Ongoing Research and Development conducted by PSC ensures that PremiumCOTE™ coated seed is market leading in both quality and field performance. Vigorous analysis of glass-house trials and larger scale field trials ensures that the combination of inputs and additives selected for use in the PremiumCOTE™ seed coating process maximize in-field performance.

PSC also has the ability to perform prescription seed coating, custom coating or film-coating seed specific to end user requirements. These developments have enabled PSC to revolutionize what is achievable with coated seed, providing solutions to end users both domestically and internationally.